Fulad Trading W.L.L.

Facility Management

Our Roots

Fulad Facilities Management (FuladFM) was established in 2005 to provide total end-to-end property & facilities management services to the rapidly expanding business community in Qatar.


Fulad FM’s vision is to be recognised as the FM service provider that deliver



Fulad FM mission is to achieve the reputation of excellence in providing FM ser- vices not only in Qatar but globally.

Corporate Values


We recognize that our people are the foundation of our business. We are committed to providing an environment that attracts, motivates, and develops the best people and through our personal development and succession planning programs, individuals can chart their progress and future development within the company.

Our strength lays in our corporate culture and the strong and close relationships with our clients, our employees and
our business partners.

Our Approach

Attention to Detail

The key to successful property management is attention to detail, from the initial compre- hensive building audit and facilties assessment, through to our continuous performance monitoring and improvement planning.

Fulad FM listens to its clients. We continuously monitor all our contracts with rigorous reporting procedures and ensure our clients are kept up to date and able to feedback information to us through regular scheduled formal meetings.
Information Technology System
Fulad FM uses state-of-the-art Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) software to facilitate effective and accurate control and monitoring of every aspect of its business.
Customer service 24/7
Fulad FM offers the convenience of a single point of contact for all FM queries and concerns. Our staff are trained in customer service and will quickly resolve concerns, log issues and schedule and attention to a job well done is the key to satisfy our customers. Under our Management we make sure that your property is covered all the time. In case of emergency our dedicated customer service center is available 24/7 and will liaise with on-site or after-hours team to quickly prioritize and solve any job request within agreed response time.

Customer service 24/7

Fulad FM offers the convenience of a single point of contact for all FM queries and concerns. Our staff are trained in customer service and will quickly resolve concerns, log issues and schedule and attention to a job well done is the key to satisfy our customers.


The Company has an Executive Management Team of highly qualified professionals who have direct knowledge and experience in the fields they manage. Their expertise in the fields of construction and electromechanical engineering allows us to innovate and develop our own signature solutions and ways of working.

Departments / Divisions

  • Facility Management

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Estimation & Planning

  • Design & Engineering

  • MEP Projects

  • Fit-out

  • HSE

  • QA/QC

Major Services

Space Management

If you are moving to a new office or feeling cramped in your existing one, Fulad FM can help. Our engineers can assist with planning, utilization and efficiency in your premises, so you achieve maximum productivity from your space.
Our capability includes:

  • Interior Design

  • Fit-out Project Management and Execution

  • Space Utilization & Efficiency in Building Design

  • Office Management

Energy Management

Fulad FM is committed to capping the effect of rising energy costs and reducing carbon footprint. We establish a complete understanding of our client’s energy use and needs, then drive down costs by reducing consumption and waste. We use state-of-the-art CAFM software to achieve a 100% reliable output.

Asset Management

Asset Register Population (Asset Data Collection)

Whether for incorporation into a management system database or simply for insurance purposes, a detailed and accurate asset register is invaluable.
We can compile an asset register for your premises based on the level of details that suits your needs. We can work from drawings, AutoCAD files or collect the data directly by physical surveys, then present it in any format required.

Life Cost Management

We can accurately estimate costs and lifetime expectancy for a range of equipment, assisting you in planning for maintenance fees and reserve funds for your building or property-owner’s associations.

Equipment Reliability Studies

Our years of experience allow us to guide you towards the best equipment and machinery for your needs. After assessing your priorities and long and short-term goals, we will advise the best fit and explain our findings. In case of repeated equipment failure, we can also diagnose problems for repair or replacement.

Conditional Survey

If you own or are about to purchase a property, an in-depth condition survey of the prem- ises can be invaluable. We will carry out a complete survey of the building fabric and engineering services to ensure that the building is free of latent defects. If we find defects that are still under the responsibility of the building developer or relevant contractor, we can act as your representative to ensure remedial work is performed correctly.

Preventative Maintenance Schemes

We can recommend and put into place optimal planned preventative maintenance programs to prolong the lifetime and efficiency of your facility’s equipment.

Computerized Management System

When introducing management database systems, we examine your existing systems and procedures then adapt the software to emulate your manual system in a more efficient way. Using this approach, you can rapidly go live and staff will not be intimidated by the new system. Where more radical changes to existing working methods are needed, these can be introduced at a controlled rate so there is no negative impact on your business.

Web-based Client Services

Fulad FM understands the benefits that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can bring to the services we offer our clients.
With CAFM our client can access data and reporting through secure single point of entry portals. These existing ICT developments will deliver to our clients a genuine partnership with improved speed of response, service level and contract reporting.

Fulad FM can provide the following services:

  • Full Asset Control and Management

  • On-line and Real Time

  • Asset Management

  • Reactive Call logging

  • Engineer Job Allocation

  • Engineer Tracking

  • Environmental Management

  • Job Status

  • Job History

  • Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM)

  • Job Reporting

  • Contract Performances

  • Contract Costs and Budgeting

Environmental Monitoring

Fulad FM recognizes that all business activities impact the environment through the

consumption of resources and the generation of pollution and waste.

We are committed to reducing the impact of our operations and to assisting our clients to achieve their environmental aims.

We operate in accordance with best environmental practices and procedures and strive to help building owners and managers fulfill their legal obligations, become fully aware of environmental implications and take the necessary action to improve their environmental policies.

Air Quality Monitoring and Analysis

Poor air quality can negatively impact your concentration, moods and health. We can monitor your buildings air quality and advise and implement solutions to correct any issues.

Water Treatment Analysis

Our technicians are specialists in water treatment and analysis, including chemical analysis, deposit analysis, microbiological counts, corrosion monitoring and steam purity analysis.

Noise and Vibration Analysis

If unidentified noises or vibration are disturbing your building’s occupants, our technicians can visit your premises and quickly pinpoint the source as well as provide a solution.

Defect Liability Period Management

Care and attention during the handing over period can lead to significant savings in the long run. During the defect liability period we will deploy a qualified and experience facilities engineer to manage all aspects of accepting the premises from the construction team, Including:

  • Performing a full condition survey and recording any defects found as a supplement to the defect list produced by your consultant.

  • Liaison with the construction team with the aim of clearing all defects found in the building.

  • Checking the accuracy of ‘As-built’ drawings.

  • Approval of handover documentation such as operating and maintenance instructions.

  • Checking that all guarantees are in place for items that have warranty periods that

    exceed the defects period.

  • Accepting any special tools, equipment and replacement parts required under the

    main contractor from the construction team.

  • Witnessing, testing, commissioning and ensuring that all necessary reports are

    issued for record purposes.

  • Ensuring finishes are properly protected while the building is being occupied and

    managing repairs of any damage caused by third parties.

  • Population of the premises assets register and incorporation of this information

    into our CAFM system.

  • Setting up planned and reactive maintenance systems and reporting

    features in our CAFM system.

  • Setting up the client web access to our CAFM system and

giving instruction on the same.

Advance Condition Based Monitoring

Condition based monitoring using thermal imaging, oil sampling and vibration analysis is non-intrusive, cost effective and provides the best solution for the care of your property’s assets.

Thermal Imaging

Using Hi-Tech, non-obtrusive scheduled monitoring, we can effectively identify hot spots and faults in electrical circuits, connections, wiring, mechanical bearings and thermal insulation.

Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis uses the principle that all rotating machine vibrations generate a complex waveform signal within the machine. We are able to analyze this signal down and detect the cause of the vibration. Such causes can be imbalance, misalignment, loose components, worn or damage bearings, motor defects or lubrication issues.

Value Engineering

Fulad FM can carry out in-depth life cycle cost analysis for your facility. However, many cli- ents and developers require a much simpler approach at the time of construction.
We have carried out value engineering exercises for developer that have resulted in savings amounting to many millions of Qatari Riyals.

Design review and Value Engineering

With completed designs, we look for ways to make savings through the modification of planned engineering services which can often be altered without extending the construction program. We also identify any potential problem spots that may occur in the long term through design oversight.

Evaluating Alternatives

Alternative materials and a reduction in spare capacity can often yield large savings without seriously reducing the quality of the end product and we can advise you on the best value solutions available. Our core expertise in MEP engineering also allows us to identify and solve MEP issues that others may easily miss.

Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM)

Over a long period of time we have developed effective PPM schedules for just about every conceivable piece of plant and equipment. Our maintenance teams are pro-active, providing comprehensive and detailed PPM calendars with agreed KPI’s for every activity.

Reactive Maintenance

In cases of emergency breakdown or unexpected equipment failure our team is ready to step in to support you and offer the best possible solution within a rapid time frame, minimizing interruption and potential losses.

Our area of expertise includes:

  • Waterside Plant and Equipment

  • Airside Plant and Equipment

  • Domestic Hot and Cold-water Services

  • Sanitary Drainage and Rainwater Disposal System

  • Compressed Air System

  • Motor Control System

  • Electrical Switchgear and Distribution Systems

  • Illumination System

  • Lighting System

  • Uninterruptable Power Supplies

  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

  • Monitoring & Controls

Ancillary System Operation and Maintenance

Modern buildings contain an array of systems that facilitate their day-to-day management and Fulad FM are experts in maintaining these systems and their relevant components.

• Building Management System (BMS) Monitoring • Access Control
• CCTV system
• Intercom System

• Public Address System • Intruder Alarm System • Smart TV system
• Stand-by Generators

• Pool, Jacuzzi, and Sauna • Gym Equipment
• Water Features
• Kitchen Equipment

• Window Cleaning Equipment

Building Fabric Maintenance

Fulad FM can maintain and provide planned projects and reactive repairs for building exte- riors and interiors, together with all related structures, service areas and boundary walls. Our fabric maintenance team can expertly plan, manage and complete the following:

• Carpentry
• Painting and Decoration
• Masonry
• Handyman Services
• Fit-out and Renovation
• Blinds and Window Treatment • French Polishing
• Joinery
• Roof Works
• Lift Refurbishment
• Double/triple Glazing
• Flooring
• Steel Works
• Water Proofing

Fire & Life System Operation and Maintenance

Fulad FM can provide you with planned preventive maintenance and reactive maintenance schemes for all fire and life safety systems in your building in compliance with the require- ments of the Civil Defense of Qatar (QCDD). This includes the checking of fire alarm systems, sprinklers, wet risers, fire hose reels, fire extinguishers and fire pumps.


Security of its premises is fundamental to any business. At Fulad FM, we provide compre- hensive security service that go beyond the simple provision of manned guards. With the most up to date training and security systems, Fulad FM can meet all your security needs, wherever your business is located. Our guards are also an integral part of the FM team and are trained to be our eyes and ears for any issues with plant or equipment, shutting it down and reporting it as necessary. While many minor faults are often solved immediately by the guard himself. Our security services include:

• Manned Security Guards and Patrol • Access Control
• CCTV and Digital Recording
• Video and Audio-based Entry System • Perimeter Protection

• Control Room Design
• Intruder System Maintenance • Fire and Life Safety System
• Security Sensors

Pest Control

A pest free environment gives you peace of mind. We are specialists in the treatment and control of all pests and infestations and we take great care to ensure that safe, environmen- tally sound and Municipality-approved standards and procedures are in place at all times.


We understand the importance of a clean and tidy environment. Our trained housekeeping staff will keep your premises shining and fresh, ensuring that visitors always have the best possible impression of your building.

Fulad FM provides bespoke cleaning services, tailored to your needs, including regular housekeeping, external cleaning, facade cleaning, as well as specialized services such as upholstery and carpet cleaning, hygiene services, deep cleans and post-construction cleans.

Waste Management: We can undertake the safe removal and disposal of industrial solids, liquids and municipal refuse, as well as collecting material for recycling collection. All waste disposal work undertaken by TransQ FM complies with individual client requirements and will also meet our own environmental protection and sustainability strategy as set out in our environmental policy.

Ground Works & Landscaping

Fulad FM offers full interior and exterior landscaping and groundworks services and we can advise on environmentally suitable plants and solutions that will complement and enhance your facility.

Our experienced teams can advise and provide any tools and equipment required to maintain grounds and can arrange regular delivery of floral arrangements and temporary displays as required.

Fulad FM ground works team can also assist with rainwater routing and drainage maintenance as well as paths, terraces and car park installation, refurbishment and maintenance.

Business Support Solution

Minimize your overhead expenses by outsourcing your business support function to Fulad FM. Trained, courteous Fulad FM professionals that can fulfill the concierge and front of house roles at residential and commercial buildings or provide vital administrative support services in your office.

Call Our Expertise

Fulad FM technicians work in a variety of environments, from high-rise buildings and villa complexes, to industrial zones and warehouses.

• Multistory building, mixed use, residential and commercial tower, multi-owner (homeowners association) single owner, villa complex

•Hospital & Clinics
• Labour Camps
• Retails, Shopping Malls & Restaurant and Cafes
• Educational and Cultural
• School, Colleges and University
• Museums, Theatres and Sport Complex
• Banks
• Industrial, Logistic, Warehouse, Factories and Oil & Gas

Call Center

Fulad FM can assist you in the set-up of a call center facility, or we can fully operate one on your behalf. Our call operators are fully trained and can provide an immediate response to any emergencies, 24/7. Our user-friendly systems are designed to provide on-going informa- tion and data ensuring an efficient and courteous call handling.

The call center provides:

• Improved Customer Service
• Increase Control and Accountability • Cost Effectiveness